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Post by MuddyMudkip on August 9th 2013, 2:48 am

For fun lol xD

[10] Trainer - create your stats
[30] PC Required - own 7 Pokemon
[40] Elemental - own a Grass[X], Fire[X], and Water[X] Pokemon
[40] Sandstormin' - own a Rock[X], Ground[X], and Steel[X] Pokemon
[40] Collector - own a Pokemon from each generation
[70] The Better Collector - own 20 different Pokemon (not Pokedex)
[30] Barter - trade a Pokemon and don't trade it back
[30] So Realistic - trade and trade back a Pokemon to evolve it
[40] We Don't Need No Approval - evolve a Pokemon that evolves by trade with a Cable Link
[10] Going Postal - buy Mail
[40] Arsenal - own 6 battle items
[60] N.U.K.E.M. Ready - have 10 taught moves on a single Pokemon
[70] N.U.K.E.M. Certified - have a Pokemon listed in Project N.U.K.E.M. (doesn't have to last)
[50] Pet - own the most basic form of a Pokemon that evolves, but don't evolve it for 6 months, [Used to have a Marill]
[50] Big Money - spend 50,000 at the Pokemart in one post
[50] The Jack-o'-lantern Achievement - use a Ghost or Dark Pokemon in a battle, in a contest, or in the National Park during the week of Halloween
[50] The New Beginnings Achievement - use a baby Pokemon in a battle, in a contest, or in the National Park during the week of New Year
[30] Keep Dreamin' - Activate a Pokemon's Dream World Ability
[50] HM Enslaver - Own all the HMs
[70] The Gift that Keeps Giving - Gift a Pokemon in a Gift Station Event that has 5 or more taught moves that are not HMs
[50]Introductions - Post in the URPG General Chat thread
[50]Auctioneer - Win a Pokemon from the Auction House
[40] Alternate Reality - Unlock five Dream World Abilities

[10] Battler - participate in a battle
[20] Scrimmage - participate in a 3 VS. 3 battle
[30] 'Real' Battle - participate in a 6 VS. 6 battle
[50] Pro Attack - win a battle with your final move being Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, or Blast Burn
[50] Weak Sauce - win a battle with your final move being Tackle, Scratch, or Pound
[40] Counter Counter Team - send your Pokemon first in a DPP or RSE battle and win
[40] Streak - win 3 battles in a row
[20] But how much do you squat? - win a gym badge
[50] To Be a Master - win all gym badges in one region (excluding Orange Islands)
[50] Fruity Side Quest - complete the Orange Island League
[60] Mythic - become Legend Defender
[90] Champion - become URPG Champion
[70] The RBY Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [] Alakazam, [] Gengar, [] Jolteon, [] Starmie, [] Dragonite
[70] The GSC Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [] Crobat, [] Scizor, [] Tyranitar
[70] The RSE Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [] Swampert, [] Salamence, [] Metagross
[70] The DPP Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [X] Infernape, [X] Togekiss, [] Gliscor, [] Garchomp
[70] The BW Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [] Whimsicott, [] Scrafty, [X] Chandelure, [] Volcarona
[70] Nightmare on Elm Street - KO the following Pokemon while they are using their Dream World Ability: [] Dragonite, [] Espeon, [X] Blaziken, [] Gliscor [] Chandelure
[5] Hidden Master - KO a Pokemon using a move taught by a HM
[5] Technical Master - KO a Pokemon using a move taught by a TM
[5] Daycare Master - KO a Pokemon using a move learned in the Daycare
[10] What Happened to My Rock? - KO a Pokemon using a Gem where the move would not have KOed without the Gem
[10] Warrior of Choice - KO two Pokemon in a row without switching while your Pokemon is holding a Choice item
[10] Joke Gift - Throw a Toxic Orb or a Burn Orb at your opponent
[25] Seat of Power - Become a URPG Referee

Free For All
[10] This Seems Fun - participate in an FFA
[30] FFAnatic - participate in 10 FFAs
[40] All Skill - win an FFA
[50] But how many people did you team with? - win 5 FFAs
[60] Did you even attack anyone? - win 10 FFAs
[60] The Diplomat - win 2 FFAs in a row
[50] Underdog - win an FFA with a not fully evolved Pokemon
[20] OMG YOU PILED ME - KO a Pokemon in an FFA
[50] Spiral-er - KO 3 Pokemon in a single FFA
[70] Grim Reaper - KO 5 Pokemon in a single FFA
[10] Conformist - use Substitute on the first turn of an FFA
[30] Nonconformist - don't use Substitute on the first turn of an FFA
[40] This is why we can't have things! - use Haze in an FFA and clear 6 Pokemon's stat boosts
[40] But It's Broken - use Imprison in an FFA with 10 other Pokemon active
[40] Agilitrolled - use Trick Room in an FFA when 6 Pokemon are faster than your Pokemon, and 1 Pokemon uses a speed boosting move in the same turn
[50] Trick Room - use Trick Room in an FFA when 6 Pokemon are slower than your Pokemon, and your Pokemon is the fastest Pokemon
[30] Always Use - Protect/Detect successfully against 2 attacks in one turn of an FFA
[50] How About This? - Win an FFA with a Pokemon using its Dream World Ability
[30] Breaking the Bachelor Pad - Play in an FFA with at least six other Pokemon
[40] Ruining the Recreation Hall - Play in an FFA with at least nine other Pokemon
[50] Smashing Up the Stadium - Play in an FFA with at least thirteen other Pokemon
[20] You're Ruining it for the Rest of Us - Use Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, or Hail in an FFA
[40] They Wouldn't Dare Strike Me - Use the same move three times in a row in an FFA
[40] Pacifist - In an FFA, don't use an attacking move for the first ten turns
[50] Champion Free-For-Aller - Win three FFAs with the same Pokemon

[20] Writer- capture a Pokemon through a story
[20] A caveman could do it. - capture an Easiest Pokémon in a story
[20] Derp - capture a Simple Pokémon in a story
[30] in res - capture a Medium Pokémon in a story
[40] Mohs Scale - capture a Hard Pokémon in a story
[60] √(-x) - capture a Complex Pokémon in a story
[70] Supply And - capture a Demanding Pokémon in a story
[80] Uncle! - capture a Merciless Pokémon in a story
[100] Completely Numb - capture a Stupefying Pokémon in a story
[70] Five Dollar Footlong - capture 5 different Pokémon in one story
[100] Author - capture 10 different Pokémon in one story
[100] 6 Figure - write a 100k character story
[90] Novella - write a ten chapter story
[50] Stranger than Fan Fiction - Capture a Pokemon that is available in the Pokemart
[20] Beginner - capture two different Pokemon in one story
[10] Duplicator - capture a Pokemon in a story that you had previously caught in a story
[10] Take Whole Families - capture two Pokemon of different species but the same evolutionary family in one story
[10] More Fun than Fighting Anyway - enter a story in a Writing Competition
[20] My Pen is the Pen that shall Write the Heavens - get a story to the final round of a Writing Competition
[10] Editors are There to Help - capture a Pokemon in a regrade that was originally denied to you in your first attempt
[25] Seat of Esoteric Power - Become a URPG Grader
[20] Basic Grader - Grade five stories
[30] Super Grader - Grade thirty stories
[10] More Fun Together - Write a Collaborative story

National Park
[20] I’ll Just Have One - catch a Pokemon in the National Park
[40] Once You Pop You Can’t Stop - catch two Pokemon in the National Park
[60] Third Time’s a Charm - catch three Pokemon in the National Park
[80] Overkill - catch four Pokemon in the National Park
[10] Light Shopper - spend 3,000 or less in items at the National Park Shop
[40] Rollin’ in the Dough - spend 25,000 in items at the National Park Shop
[20] Common Sense - catch a Common Rank Pokemon
[30] Uncommon Knowledge - catch an Uncommon Rank Pokemon
[50] Intermediate Skills - catch an Intermediate Rank Pokemon
[70] Ready and Raring - catch a Rare Rank Pokemon
[90] You’re So Special - catch a Special Rank Pokemon
[80] There’s Always Some Truth to the Legends - see a Legendary Pokemon
[30] The Great Escape - Escape from a wild Pokemon encounter
[40] Hole in One - catch a Pokemon on your first attempt
[40] Double Your Fun - participate in a Team RP
[100] Gotta Catch ‘Em All - catch at least one Pokemon of every Rank and encounter a Legendary Pokemon
[40] Persistence Pays Off - finish an entire Park run without leaving or being escorted out early
[40] Sharing is Caring - use a restorative item on a Pokemon
[30] Can You Resist Me? - use a Repel of any kind
[30] Child’s Play - use a PokeDoll
[30] Call of the Wild - use a Voice Disk
[30] Smells Like Nirvana - use a Fragrance
[30] Odds and Ends - use any other Item (excludes Park Balls of any kind)
[10] Savvy Explorer - take part in a National Park Event
[20] Seat of Casual Power - Become a URPG Ranger

[10] Coordinator - participate in a contest
[20] I'm never doing this again. - win a contest
[30] The Good Stuff - use a Pokeblock
[50] The Secret Formula - maximize 4 attributes on a single Pokemon
[30] HURR DURR - earn 500 points in a contest
[60] A Grand - earn 1000 points in a contest
[30] :smokin: - win a Cool Contest
[30] Beauty - win a Beauty Contest
[30] I has a corn. - win a Cute Contest
[30] NERD! - win a Smart Contest
[30] and the Beast - win a Tough Contest
[50] Coordinate THIS - win a contest for each attribute: [ ] Cool, [ ] Beauty, [ ] Cute, [ ] Smart, [ ] Tough
[40] May - win a RSE Contest
[40] Dawn - win a DPP Contest
[30] Normal - win a Normal Contest
[50] That's - win a Great Contest
[60] Fourth Dimension - win a Hyper Contest
[80] Is anyone out there? - win a Master Contest
[50] :party: - win a festival
[80] Chicken Dinner - win 15 ribbons
[40] Combo - perform a combo
[30] Combo Breaker - startle a Pokemon in Combo Standby for -5
[40] Not Jelly - startle a Pokemon
[40] Stage Fright - cause a Pokemon to be too nervous to move
[20] Trying New Things - win a BW Contest with more than 500 points

TOTAL: /6000:

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